How to Style Curly Hair (It's so easy!!)

I made this video the other day after I came home from getting my hair colored at the salon. My stylist did everything right except the style itself - which is very important! For curly haired girls like me, we often have to make sure we have time to go home & restyle our hair every time we go to the salon before we continue our day. Isn't the point of a salon to look even better when you leave than when you entered?! :P If you know any stylists who might enjoy this video please share it with them, as everybody can use improvement. :) I hope you'll enjoy this, and let me know if it comes in handy for you!!


  1. Your hair is so cute!! I have curly hair too and I know what you mean...no hair dressers know what to do with it! This is a great video :). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jacqueline! :D Us curly haired girls have to stick together!