5 Ways to Ruin Your Day

1. Beat yourself up for sleeping in.
How dare you listen to your body and get some extra sleep! Whatever plans you have for laying around today can NOT wait.  Social events are much more important than taking care of yourself. Besides, everybody will think of you as lazy if you don't get up early enough. You've already wasted enough of your day - hurry up and get to the rest of these activities!

2. Skip breakfast.
Who needs food?! Not you! It's not like your body or mind actually needs nutrition before you get your day going.  You probably don't have enough time or room in your limited calorie budget, anyways.  Don't worry about what everyone says about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. You go girl - starve yourself!

3. Engage in some self-hate.
If you really want to have a terrible day, stand in front of the mirror before you think about doing anything, and point out everything that you think is wrong with yourself. Don't dare look at the positives or consider loving yourself just as you are - that's too much fun! It's much easier to tear yourself apart before you do anything, even if there's nothing wrong with you.

4. Compare yourself to everyone else.
No matter how much you've accomplished or how far you've come, you are not good enough compared to everyone else. Indulge. Really, everybody else is better than you. That guy who finished college before you, the girl who has better style than you, those people who have more friends than you, the person who actually followed her dreams when you were too busy worrying about what everyone else was doing to follow yours.. just sit there and think about it. Waste your day worrying about others - don't even think about what you need to do to accomplish your goals. It's ok, it'll get you somewhere, .. I think.

5. Don't take action.
Sure, you have dreams and ideas, but who needs that? It's much easier to just coast through life without actually fighting for anything. Who cares if you want to go to college? Just play video games instead. Who cares if you want to start your own business? It's probably too hard anyways, howabout you just get an easy part-time job that you loathe. Want to start a nonprofit? Nope, not possible, it's not like anybody would support you anyways, not that you've even asked or tried. Want to be a photographer? Not going to happen - just go admire everybody else's work instead, while you wish that you had picked up a camera.

(You know those dreams, ideas, & plans you have? Today is a good time to do something about it. Stop loathing, start living. Get on it, grrl!)

Hannah Carol

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this! So many people do all of these things and not even notice it! Great article, Hannah :)