Tidy Tuesday

There are tons of articles out there besides this detailing how to clean, how to organize, how to make a chore chart, etc.  I've read all of them.  No, really.. I'm probably reading new articles titled something like "How to Keep Your House Clean" at least every week.

The problem is, not everybody has a similar lifestyle, yet it seems like all of these columns assume just that.  Many are writing to an audience of moms or families.  I'm a college student with a part-time job, and I live with my boyfriend, my cousin, and my two dogs (yeah I said two.. sorry Mom! :P).  Not to mention, I still need time for homework and a social life. Hello, clean-experts!  I am not a cleaning machine (nor do I want to be), and I don't have time to keep everything perfect! 

Your place, whether it's a dorm, apartment, condo, or mansion, does not have to be spotless to be clean and comfortable, but it also doesn't have to look like a bomb went off every time you have friends over or can't find your favorite shirt in the morning. My goal for this column is to find practical solutions that work in real life for busy young people.  If that sounds like you, check back later today to see what I've come up with.



Gay Marriage Blocked Again (For now..)

Today, a San Francisco appeals court banned gay marriage once again, until furthur review of Prop 8's constitutionality.

Just last week, a US District Court ruled that gay marriages could start again while higher federal courts review the gay marriage ban.  I wonder how many couples were able to take advantage of the short window they have and get hitched?

With me it comes down to the fact that the US has proven to become more and more progressive as time goes on, and eventually gay marriage will be widely accepted - it's just a matter of time.  Why are some still fighting so hard to legally control the way others live?

What do you think?



Los Angeles-sized NOT Lemon - Pummelo!

Edit: It's a pummelo not a lemon! Excuse my mistake.. and feel free to bask in my ignorant writing below! Thanks to the commenter who pointed this out to me :P

Please excuse the dorky and misleading title of this post.  This lemon of mine IS quite large, but it wasn't grown in Los Angeles (just a few hours north, though) and isn't actually the size of Los Angeles.

Compared to the average lemon though, it is! Check this thing out! I finally decided to cut it today because it was starting to get a little softer than I prefer. Sorry I didn't snap a few pics before the surgery. :P

I photographed it next to an egg and an egg carton so you can get a good idea of the scale of this thing.

I didn't buy this lemon - my boyfriends' lovely parents received two of them from a friend who grew them, and gave me one.  What are your thoughts? I was expecting more flesh than pith (is that what it's called?) but this is still a HUGE lemon and I'm gonna need some ideas on what to do with it.  Help a girl out!



Quick Healthy Nachos

If you're anything like me, then you probably LOVE all foods that seem to be bad for you, yet are always looking for healthier alternatives to avoid the guilt, extra weight, and overall unhealthiness that come as a result of your indulgences. I feel ya! (My personal fave.. 100% beef hotdog on a white hotdog bun, loaded with the worst of chilis, onions, cheese, mustard, mayo, ketchup, sauerkraut, relish, you name it! YES! It's sick but I love it!!)

I'm no nutritionist, but I love looking and feeling healthy, and I'm betting you do too. So I'm going to start a weekly column on how to eat your favorite devilish foods while still looking and feeling like a frickin angel.

Onward ho!

Traditionally, nachos are loaded with things like cheese, sour cream, greasy meat, tomatos, guacamole, lard-filled refried beans, etc. (Don't deny it, you love those taco-truck nachos, but your waistline and your wallet will hate you for it.  I promise.)
Almost all of these ingredients are super high fat & calorie, even in moderation.  And we all know moderation doesn't exist when it comes to nachos. ;)

So, here's my healthy yet delectable solution for you!

Nachos: Try to find something with better ingredients if you can.  I got these last week at Trader Joe's:

They have corn, potatos, and brown rice in them.  Cool!

Guacamole: Stick a reasonable amount in a bowl to curb your portion size, and you're set.  Yeah yeah, avocados have fat in them - but it's GOOD fat!  Really! Plus, it's delicious, and the creaminess is able to replace your cheese and sour cream. Using a little guac is a win-win.

Beans: Try to get a vegetarian or low-fat version of refried beans if that's what you're using, otherwise you might be eating straight up lard (which is fat, if you didn't know! Gross!) This way it's much healthier, and you get all the nutrition from beans such as fiber!  Black beans can be an even better option.

Salsa: Load up that salsa, baby! I've got La Victoria in my fridge right now and it's only 10 calories per serving (2 tbsp), no fat, and no high fructose corn syrup. Woo!

Meat: If you can't have your nachos without meat, try to go for something more lean such as ground turkey instead of ground beef, or grilled chicken.  It's a great source of protein and is delicious if you feel like taking the time to cook it.

Sour Cream: You don't need it! Really! It's high-cal, high-fat, and the creaminess of the guacamole makes it unnecessary.  If you MUST have something like it, I've heard that low-fat plain yogurt does the trick.  I try not to eat dairy so I can't really vouch for that, but let me know if you've tried it!

Cheese: Another thing you don't need, but you can always make it healthier by going with a lower fat option such as 2% instead of whole.  I've tried nonfat cheese before, and didn't really like it as it doesn't melt.  It's up to you - I go sans cheese but if I had to have it, I'd definitely do the 2%.

Veggies: Yes yes yes! I suggest you add these without restraint. Shredded cabbage, lettuce, tomatos, olives, onions, whatever floats your boat!  Load as much of this good stuff as you want right on top and dig in. You could even make more of a salad with a few nachos thrown in to get even healthier.

Do you have any other ideas or suggestions that I haven't covered?  Let me know! I'm always looking for healthier ways to indulge in my nacho addiction!!




Wow, I am even better at procrastinating than I thought!
If you look at my past posts, you'll see that there was one in January, one in March, and now one in August.

I have so many good ideas that I need to get out - I'm really set on getting this blog going.  Maybe I should set up a procrastination support system. :P

Do you have problems with procrastination, too?