1 Way to Love Yourself Today

Make Art Now! (Tote Bag) / Upso

It's all too easy to get caught up in work, events and activities without really paying attention to yourself. For me, it's even easier to believe that I'm taking time out for myself when I'm doing things like catching up on facebook, twitter, and my rss feed, but really all I'm doing is passively distracting myself from the most important thing we should all be doing - loving and taking care of ourselves! Facebooking is not productive, nor does it help you grow as a person or learn anything. Of course, it's fun. But today, do something different.

Make art.

Paint the Skies [24/365]
There's tons of DIY's out in the blogosphere that you can watch other people do, or you can watch other people live interesting lives on reality tv, but there's nothing like sitting in a calm, relaxing space with some good music on and making art that makes you happy.  It's just you in your head, and you're connecting an idea in the intangible world with a material object. It allows you to express yourself, share yourself, and find yourself all at once. Go paint, draw, sculpt, write, color, repaint a piece of furniture, decorate a cake, photograph your dog, anything. Go make something and spend some time loving yourself. <3

Water / Movement / Photography

Hannah Carol

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