How to Pull Off Red Lipstick

1. Go simple with everything else.
You don't need any other bold colors when you have red lipstick on. Make sure it's clean and polished but simple. If you use eyeshadow or eyeliner with this look, go for a neutral like black or brown.

2. Perfect your complexion.
Red lipstick always looks better when your skin looks perfect - so unless you are blessed with perfect skin, use concealer and foundation. (You might want to do this even if you do have perfect skin!)

3. Use lipliner.
This just makes sure that it stays only where you want it to stay - no bleeding, smudging, or awkward lines! Any drugstore brand will do.

4. Bring it with you, along with a compact mirror.
If you plan on eating, or doing anything else that doesn't require standing perfectly still, you'll probably need to touch it up. Also, you want to make sure you never have any on your teeth. Better safe than sorry!

5. This is the most important step - go to Sephora or a makeup counter and get color matched!
Don't waste your money on drugstore lipsticks if you're going this bold. You need an expert to help you find the perfect shade that will look good on you. Trust me, this is worth it! Whenever I need help picking out or applying new makeup, I go to Sephora in the morning on a weekday - there's always less people, and the makeup artists are bored and happy to go above and beyond for you.

This was after a night out in Hollywood, & my hair was starting to recurl! Kinda 50's, no?

I hope this was useful for you - let me know if you have any other tips & what your experiences are with red lipstick!

Hannah Carol

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  1. You look so darling and cute! The red lipstick looks great on you :)