Los Angeles-sized NOT Lemon - Pummelo!

Edit: It's a pummelo not a lemon! Excuse my mistake.. and feel free to bask in my ignorant writing below! Thanks to the commenter who pointed this out to me :P

Please excuse the dorky and misleading title of this post.  This lemon of mine IS quite large, but it wasn't grown in Los Angeles (just a few hours north, though) and isn't actually the size of Los Angeles.

Compared to the average lemon though, it is! Check this thing out! I finally decided to cut it today because it was starting to get a little softer than I prefer. Sorry I didn't snap a few pics before the surgery. :P

I photographed it next to an egg and an egg carton so you can get a good idea of the scale of this thing.

I didn't buy this lemon - my boyfriends' lovely parents received two of them from a friend who grew them, and gave me one.  What are your thoughts? I was expecting more flesh than pith (is that what it's called?) but this is still a HUGE lemon and I'm gonna need some ideas on what to do with it.  Help a girl out!



  1. Hella lemon zest

  2. That is a pummelo. Not a lemon.

  3. Hey you're right! It's a damn pummelo! I should have known better as there's a pummelo tree in the backyard of my apt complex.. Haha! Bummer.. now what do I do with this since it's not a lemon?!

  4. Eat it. They are delicious!!!!